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Government action on GST breaks for online retail

February 6, 2013

Premier Retail has performed well in 2012. Internet sales during the financial year grew by 67% due to heavy investment in developing the brands’ presence online.

We are innovating in the online space with Dotti and Portmans to include mobile functionality, social media engagement and much more. There will be more to come in the future for our online retail stores across the country and internationally.

I see a lot of opportunity to expand our online business, however, the existing tax regime does not support Premier Retail’s companies and other online Australian businesses. Without support from the government, online businesses in Australia will not thrive with the current tax structure. The $1000 GST-free threshold for purchases made over the internet is putting Australian jobs and businesses at risk.

“No Australian online business is capable of reaching its full potential while a flawed two ‐ tiered tax system remains in place. “

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence from The Productivity Commission and Low Value Processing Taskforce found that supports the fact that a change needs to be made now.

“My message to the government is that we have all run out if time. Change needs to be made right now and if the government needs any further proof of what’s at stake I have one word for them – jobs!”

You can view more of my thoughts in the 2012 stakeholder address here: Link

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